Reach Branding Concept

‘Reach’ is a [fictional] interplanetary space travel company, with the aim of transporting people all across the solar system, with the arrival of commercial space flight.

The identity leans into the typicality of the appearance of science fiction, having a futuristic edge to it, while carefully trying not to look cliché.  
The secondary logo is more abstract, and combines two images of space-flight. The first being a light flare from the sun appearing at the edge of a planet, with the second being the cloud being released as a rocket takes off.

Year: 2022
Self-Initiated Brief

For the logo mark I Initially looked at typical space/ aviation logo motifs such as circles representing planets, chevrons and arrows, wooshing lines of varying widths and stars. 

During my research I found a trailer for a sci-fi video game which contained this dramatic image of the sun appearing from behind a planet. I wanted to try and recreate this in an abstract way for my logo.

The bespoke type created for the primary logo - and any other posssible applications/ touchpoints - is a clean, simple serif typeface which help serve its functions of clarity and high-readability. The typeface has modern edge to it with the omission of elements such as the stem of the ‘R’ and the crossbar of the ‘A’.